How to Download file from our site?

  • First of all, find software your are looking for by typing it’s name in our search bar (right side).
Search Bar
  • After you find it click on “Read More” button to procede with downloading software you are looking for.
Example of Post
  • After you open the post for software you are looking for click on Download Button which looks like this.
Download Button
  • After you click it will redirect you to download page which looks like this.
Example of download page
  • As it says on page ” After you complete Human Verification download will start automaticaly!”. So after you complete Human Verification (which is simple survey which does not require any of your important informations) download will start automaticaly. And you would be able to procede with installation for which instructions are on every post for certain software.


Q:What is inside that .rar file?
A:There is software which you are looking for.

Q:Why Human Verification?
A:The Human Verification is there to protect our links from spammers and bad intoned people, and to make sure that our products will stay online. And also to keep this site alive.

Q:But how you will avoid spammers and bad intoned people?
A:Simple, only interested people would download and take some time to complete Human Verification, which act as a filter.

Q:How can I know that there is no viruses in files you are posting?
A:We provide virus scan for every software we post and you can look it up by clicking on image like this one which is on every post.

Virus Scan image