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Ansys has launched Ansys Discovery Live Ultimate 2019 R1, a brand new product line that aims to remove many of the barriers traditionally associated with simulation and analysis. The subject of a three-year development program, Ansys Discovery combines drag and drop modeling tools with built-in simulation that solves in an instant. The launch version looks to combine modeling technology from SpaceClaim (which Ansys acquired back in 2014) with Finite Element Analysis (FEA) of structures and harmonics as well as computational fluid dynamics (CFD) for both fluid flow (internal and external) and thermal simulation.

Major barriers to the wider adoption of current simulation technology are seen as them being difficult to use, lengthy computation times and complexity of workflow, despite promises from the industry as a whole for the last two decades. What Ansys is hoping will set Discovery Live apart is how quickly the system can deliver the results.

By combining the modeling tools with a new generation of simulation solver code, which takes advantage of the huge parallel processing power of graphics processing units, the system delivers the results instantaneously – and we mean instantaneously. Load the CAD model, add the constraints and boom, there are your results, live. You can then use the built-in modeling tools (based on SpaceClaim) to make edits to your results, then have them recompute and redisplay instantly. No waiting, no complex computation cycles.

So how has Ansys managed to achieve this sort of breakthrough in computer speed and interactivity?

According to Mark Hindsbo, Ansys vice president and general manager: “Discovery Live features a new solver built from the ground on a GPU architecture.

“We have taken the very best from our heritage of engineering simulation in terms of tried and trusted numerical methods and adopted them natively to this new massively parallel architecture and in the process invented new methods that enable increases in speed from 100 to 1,000 times those of traditional CPU based methods.

“Modern graphics cards have thousands of cores and we inherently solve across all of those cores. For about $500 you can buy a new NVIDIA card that gives terra flops of computing power and real-time simulation results with Discovery Live.”

“In addition, we have based the interactivity on the SpaceClaim application that allows for direct modeling and manipulation of geometry. This product was also born with extreme ease of use as its primary design parameter and coupled with GPU simulation is the unique combination allowing Discovery Live to come to life (no pun intended).”
In terms of hardware requirements, any system that makes use of GPU compute typically has a pretty hefty requirement in terms of graphics card. This isn’t the case with Discovery Live, and interestingly Ansys aren’t enforcing the use of the ‘professional’ graphics cards. In fact, you can run this on pretty much any Nvidia (Kepler onwards) GPU.

Screenshots from ANSYS Discovery Ultimate 2019 R1

How to install:

  • First of all, Download the ANSYS Discovery Ultimate 2019 R1
  • Extract the setup file and wait until all installation procedure complete.
  • Use registration code to activate it.


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A:There is ANSYS Discovery Ultimate 2019 R1 which you need to extract with Winrar.

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