Download Affectiva Emotion SDK – Full Version

What is the AM-FED dataset?
In March 2011 Affectiva and MIT collaborated to launch a website to capture naturalistic and spontaneous facial responses to three Super Bowl ads. An archived version of the site can be found here. Viewers could choose to allow access to their webcam and have their facial expressions recorded over the Internet as they watched the ads. The viewers were also given the option of sharing their face video with other researchers outside of Affectiva and MIT. The AM-FED dataset is a collection of these videos that have been FACS coded in order to allow researchers to train or test their algorithms on challenging real world data.

What does the dataset contain?

This dataset consists of 242 facial videos (168,359 frames) recorded in real world conditions. The database is comprehensively labeled for the following:

  • Frame- by-frame labels for the presence of: a) 10 symmetrical FACS action units; b) 4 asymmetric (unilateral) FACS action units; c) 2 head movements, smile, general expressiveness, feature tracker fails; d) Gender.
  • The location of 22 automatically detected landmark points.
  • Self-report responses of familiarity with, liking of, and desire to watch again for the stimuli videos.
  • Baseline performance of detection algorithms on this dataset. We provide baseline results for smile and AU2 (outer eyebrow raise) on this dataset using custom AU detection algorithms.

How to install:

  • First of all, Download the Affectiva Emotion SDK
  • Extract the setup file and wait until all installation procedure complete.
  • Use registration code to activate it.


Q:What is inside that .rar file?
A:There is Affectiva Emotion SDK which you need to extract with Winrar.

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